Coastal Area

  • Hydordynamics and aquatic environment in Ariake Bay


We attempted to investigate on the cause of aquatic environmental detrioration in Ariake Bay, Japan. In addtion, we proposed some countermeasures for improvement of it. We have conducted field observation and numerical modelling of hydrodynamics, material transport structure, and so on.

  • Mercury Fate in Marine Environment


Now, Minamata Bay has already cleaned up by dredging mercury contaminated bottom sediments and it is safe. But, very trace mercury was remained in the bottom sediment. We try to model the trace mercury transport and its fate numerically and to investigate the basic mechanism of equilibrium condition between methylation and demethylation of mercury in sea water through the field measurement..

  • CO2 Dynamics in Coastal Area


In the Yatsuhshiro Sea, numerical modeling and field measurement of CO2 and DIC dynamics are conducted, to undestand an effect of marine ecosystem consisting of sea weeds, phytoplanktons, and coral, etc. on marine environment as an emmision source and storage of Blue Carbon.

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Terrestrial Water

  • Risk Management of Driftwoods Hazard in Big Flood Disaster


In a big flood, we can often see driftwoods hazard. We try to develop the new estimation of its risk in an overall watershed area. In addition, we try to evaluate teh effects of preseravation methods for the disaster.

  • Influence of Precipitation Change due to Global Warming on Coastal Environment


It is predicted that the “Global Warming” will affect on the global climate and also local weather conditions. We tried to evaluate the precipitation pattern change due to the global warming on the aquatic environment in Ariake Bay by using the distribution numerical model for overall Ariake Bay watershed area.

  • Influence of Precipitation Change due to Global Warming on Natural Hazard


Under construction.

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