• Shinichiro YANO, Dr. Professor   

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[Comment] Let’s join with us to investigate marine and riverine environmetal issues by numerical modeling, field measurementn and laboratory experiment!

Date of birth  10 July, 1967
Place of birth  Fukuoka, Japan 
Hobby  Reading books, Classical music, Tennis 
Motto  Time is money. 
Room  West-2 building, 10F, Room 1033 

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  • Akira TAI, Dr. Associate Professor      

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Date of birth  3 May, 1981
Place of birth  Kagawa, Japan 
Hobby  Reading books 
Motto  None. 
Room  West-2 building, 10F, Room 1032 
  • Yasuyuki MARUYA, Dr. Assistant Professor      

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Date of birth  21 March, 1987
Place of birth  Hokkaido, Japan 
Hobby  Driving, Listening to music, Watching movies, Table tennis 
Motto  If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. 
Room  West-2 building, 10F, Room 1011 


Toshimitsu KOMATSU, Emeritus Professor

Hiroaki TANIGUCHI, PhD Student
Ayuko H. SALEH, PhD Student
Hao LIN, PhD Student
Mamoru MASAKI, PhD Student
Naoki SAITO, PhD Student

Ryodai FUKUDA, Graduate (M2) Student
Chiho KOBAYASHI, Graduate (M2) Student
Satoshi KONOMI, Graduate (M2) Student
Shohei MIYAMOTO, Graduate (M2) Student
Keisuke TAKAESHITA, Graduate (M2) Student

Kazuha ANDO, Graduate (M1) Student
Misaki IJIMA, Graduate (M1) Student
Haruka IMAI, Graduate (M1) Student
Hiroki KIMURA, Graduate (M1) Student
Kosuke WADA, Graduate (M1) Student

Shuhei ARITA, (Bachelor) Student
Taiki OZAWA, (Bachelor) Student
Ai SANADA, (Bachelor) Student

Kenta SHIMOMURA, (Bachelor) Student
Taichi TSUCHIYA, (Bachelor) Student
Reitaro MUROYAMA, (Bachelor) Student
Riko YAMAMOTO, (Bachelor) Student


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