• Fundamental study on sediment pond efficiency improvement under natural environment restriction

In recent years, due to climate change caused by global warming, red soil runoff problems are emerging in the Southwestern Islands including Okinawa island. When the red soil flows out to the sea area of the coral reef, it is known that the light indispensable for the coral growth is obstructed and died. I am looking for an efficient way to suppress these spills

  • Geophysical nondestructive testing for permeability and stiffness determination of high permeable loose ground

In recent years, the sliding failure on the weak ground, and seepage failure in the Yabe River has been caused, such as the local weak portion that could not be understood in geological data ( loosening portion: High permeability, large void ratio, etc.) might be a concern portion of the collapse. From them, to comprehend the weak part that exists locally in advance and takes measures, the development of the technology that can find the loosening portion of the embankment with high accuracy and efficiency is required.