· The pull-out load characteristics of the belled type piles applied to various ground

Horizontal load from wind and waves causes the load moment in substructure foundations. This load moment simultaneously causes compression and pull-out load. Previous researchers studied belled pile that expenses the tip of the pile to effectively control with compression and pullout load. However, Study on the pullout load of the belled type piles has not clearly explained pullout-load mechanism and it is difficult to apply on the field and design. Therefore, in this research, the purpose of study is to determine the characteristics and mechanism of pullout loading on belled type piles and design application.

Mechanism of Belled Types Pile

  • Effects of Grain Size and Density as Pre Bored Pile Filler Material on Bending Moment Due to Lateral Loading

Prebored pile foundation system is typical foundation for integral bridge abutment to supports girder lateral displacement due to thermal force. However, the standard design system is different for each area and soil behavior due to this system are not clearly reported. This research presents an experimental study on pile attached by prebored ring model with different density of filler material to determine the filler material behavior that effectively reduce pile bending moment.