· Development of direct SWCC obtaining device utilizing the continuous pressurization method and its application

To evaluate the permeability characteristics of unsaturated soil needs a quite long time. In this research, focusing on developing a simple test method using continuous pressurization method.

·  The s hear strength of unsaturated soil due to heavy rainfall and earthquake

Kumamoto earthquake occurred on 16 April 2016 and triggered many landslides around the Mt. Aso. One of the key soil to cause the slope failures is black volcanic ash kuroboku soil. Black volcanic ash soil kuroboku distributed in approximately 31% of the Japan area and usually located on the ground water level indicating that it is in the unsaturated zone.In this research tried to determine the shear strength behavior and characteristics of black volcanic ash kuroboku soil and apply the shear strength to prediction model of unsaturated slope stability due to heavy rainfall and earthquake.

Black volcanic ash kuroboku soil from Mt. Aso

  • Research on the Mechanism of Rotary Crushing and Mixing Method

Nowadays, lack of soil for contruction material and environmental damage due to excessive soil drilling are a problem. However, it was difficult to improve waste soil and tsunami deposits through previous method. Based on this situation, this study is proposed to determine the effective methods to improve the slime soil and deposit soil as a contruction material using The Rotary crushing and Mixing Method.